My Personal Photography Challenge for 2017

So last year’s personal challenge was “52 Weeks Of Quiet” and I gained so much from it that there was no way I wasn’t going to set myself another theme/challenge (I’m never sure of the best way to describe it!) for 2017.

If you follow the blog, or if you follow me anywhere else online, you will probably know that last year I discovered a love of vintage lenses. I shared my excitement at how wonderful the Helios lens turned out to be and also my slight disappointment with the Meyer Optic Domiplan. Incidentally, in this post I said I felt sure I would be pleased with the lens one day. Just before Christmas I managed this image with it, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m pretty pleased with it.

black and white dream like image of a blurred figure by the sea

So back to this year. Since I’ve already decided I’m going to embrace creativity and I’m tired of saying to myself “I really need to use xxx lens more” 2017 is going to be my “Year of Unconventional Lenses”. My unconventional lenses will be my Lensbaby (with a whole variety of different optics) and my vintage lenses, there are four in my collection at the moment but who knows what this year might bring!

I certainly won’t be abandoning still life photography but you can also expect to see a lot more outdoor images than I shared in 2016. I have a feeling that I’ll probably be leaning much more towards black and white this year too, but time will tell…..

If you are looking for a photography challenge for this year why not join in with the daily photo prompts? There’s a fantastic community already sprung up on Facebook and Instagram sharing their pictures and little snippets of their lives.


  • Reza Reply

    So, finally this is that “one great image”? :)))
    Well, it is Great my friend! (You know, I always like blurry faded mysterious shots!!!)

    Unconventional Lenses seems pretty interesting. Good Luck Janet.

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      Hi Reza! I don’t think this is the “one great image”, I think this is a “getting there” image, I feel there’s better to be had yet from that lens just needs the right combination of light and location! Maybe it won’t ever happen but I’ll keep on trying 🙂

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