Still Life With The Vintage Lens

There’s been so much going on over the last couple of weeks that I’ve been absent from the blog for longer than I’d intended. Plans have been made for a beginners DSLR workshop in conjunction with a local photographer, two heads are better than one so they say! At the same time I’ve finally opened an online shop for my fine art prints but I’ll be sharing more about this in the future.

While I’ve absent I’ve also been trying that lovely Helios vintage lens for some still life photography and I’m still loving the results. Yes there are times when I’m more drawn to the sharpness of the macro lens but there’s something quite enchanting about the softness of the Helios.

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Still life photo taken with helios 44-2 vintage lens

Online photography courses

frozen berries, food photography

Still life photo taken with helios 44-2 vintage lens

Free online photography course

online photography courses

Another unexpected but lovely bonus of the lens is the number of conversations it’s opened up with strangers on various online platforms, I’ve been surprised at how many people have been inspired to search for a Helios lens of their own! And as you can probably see I’m still enjoying using the 2 Lil Owls Studio textures, they work so well with the look of the Helios.

I’ve used the lens for a few weeks now for different types of photography, both indoor and out, and the only time I find I’m consistently disappointed with the results is when I’m try to focus on something very distant. And since that’s something I rarely do anyway I’m really not concerned.

Some of these images are currently for sale as fine art prints in my new online shop, if you’d like to take a peek just click here.



  • Reza Reply

    Beautiful images. Sure they look more beautiful in fine art print on the wall. Again, good luck with your online shop Janet.

    (You know, I was searching about “swirly bokeh” and seems these vintage lenses can make such thing! Specially Helios 44-2 which apparently has many different versions!! Some with 8 or even 13 aperture blades, causing better swirling effect. Look at these two:

    It’s amazing how a cheap vintage lens can make these amazing pictures, isn’t it? You should give it a try)

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      Thanks Reza! I have one of these printed on fine art paper and framed on my wall, it does look lovely!

      Yes the swirly bokeh is definitely a thing, its more noticeable in certain light conditions and at certain angles but its certainly there!

      Thanks for your comments & the links.

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