On Standing Out…..

on standing out with your photography

I spotted these beautiful tubs crammed full of colourful daisies whilst we were on holiday and I was drawn to this one flower that had grown above all the others. Now obviously flowers don’t have personalities but to me this one just seemed determined, as if it somehow knew it that even though it was just like all the others it could do its own thing and grow taller than the rest. And now it’s standing there proud of it’s achievements!

If you follow me on any social media you’ll probably know that I’m really enjoying experimenting with adding textures to my photographs at the moment. I added a couple of textures from 2 Lil Owls to this image and then decided it was perfect for adding a few words ~ thanks to Dr Seuss for these!

And then I got thinking about whether this quotation could be applied to photography.

Is it really possible to stand out in an endless sea of images, many of which are just amazing?

And I think it probably is, but it’s not easy. And trying too hard might lead to creating work that is different purely for the sake of being different. It may not necessarily be “good” and more importantly it may not be work that is true to who we are as creatives.

So rather than trying too hard to stand out perhaps it’s better to not worry about fitting in.

Maybe we should just ignore whatever everyone else seems to be doing and make work that feels right.

Maybe we should just create images that make us happy without stopping to wonder whether others will approve.

Maybe by not trying to fit in we will naturally stand out.

Follow your creative heart. Be like the daisy, do your own thing.

Why not try for a while and see how it feels?




(PS – That 2 Lil Owls link is an affiliate one, just so you know. But they are the only textures I’ve ever had any success with so I’m happy to recommend!)

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