“Red” – December’s Photo Theme

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Have you joined Beyond Snapshots yet? It’s a great free five week photography course to help you take better pictures plus over in the Facebook group we have monthly photo theme too – if you’d like to join in with December’s theme of “Red” just click here and fill in your details.

This month’s theme is “Red”, a simple one for December and one that could be festive or not.

It could be a single image, a series of images of a red object (as above), it could have a theme or simply be a collage of images with red in them – as long as red is prominent and essential to the image anything goes* and I can’t wait to see the different interpretations in the group!

Why such a simple theme after last month’s more challenging one? Because its a great exercise in seeing, having such a simple theme in mind really opens your eyes – before you know it you will be seeing red things everywhere!

(*when I say “anything goes” what I actually mean is anything but black and white with just the red thing in colour, anything but colour popping. Its a pet hate!)

Are you on Instagram? Why not join in there, use the hashtag #dreamsnapsdecember and share your Red images – if you want to make sure I see them just give me a mention. I’m on Instagram as definitely_dreaming¬†and I’d love to connect.

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