Product Photography Tips For Crafters, Makers, Bloggers and Creators

product photography for creative business owners and bloggers

Are you a crafter selling on Etsy, Folksy, Not On The High Street or on your own website? Or a blogger, a designer, a creative or lifestyle business owner?

Do you feel under pressure to create eye-catching images that people will remember?

Whilst I offer commercial photography services to all kinds of creative business owners, from florists to chefs, designers and makers of all sorts of wonderful products I also realise that it’s not always possible to hire a professional photographer. But so often I see images being used that really don’t flatter the products and could so easily be improved that I thought I’d share a few tips to help you on your way to creating better product photos.

1 – Use the best camera you can afford, yes your phone can take good pictures but a DSLR will take better. If you are serious about your business it may be worthwhile investing in one and learning how to use it.

2 – NEVER use the flash on the camera. Whether you are using your phone or a camera with a pop up flash make sure you turn it off. It will only ever give you horrible light with harsh shadows and hot spots.

3 – Wherever possible use natural light – look at the shadows cast by your product to judge the quality of light, soft edges to shadows are good. Dark shadows with hard edges aren’t good.

4 – If you do have hard shadows you need to either diffuse the light or add something to the shadowed side to reflect light back, white card or a sheet would do but photographic reflectors are inexpensive to buy – use the silver one though, not the gold.

5 – Unless you have a compelling reason to shoot on a white background don’t! White backgrounds are difficult to photograph well and can look a little sterile and uninspiring. Lifestyle images are much more appealing and you can inject your own personality into the images.

6 – Choose backgrounds and props carefully. They need to complement rather than overwhelm your product. Your product must remain the centre of attention, nothing should be a distraction.

7 – A little editing of your image is useful but go easy! Over editing will damage image quality and produce something that just doesn’t look natural to our eyes. Avoid gimmicky effects at all costs, they will cheapen your product.

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If you are in the North West take a look at my upcoming Product Photography Workshop and if you can’t make that keep a look out for my new online course which I’m really excited to be launching in the next few weeks!



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