Playing With Textures

Isn’t it strange how things seem to appear at just the right time?

I’ve been feeling drawn to experiment with textures more and more recently. I have a few already but I’ve never done much with them and when I have I’ve not been overjoyed with the results. Yesterday an email from 2 Lil’ Owls landed in my inbox with details of a fantastic offer on a texture bundle via Design Cuts and the timing was so perfect that I just couldn’t resist.

What a great selection of textures it is! Haven’t had a lot of time to experiment with them but I created three new images today and I’m much happier with them than with any I’ve done before.

Floral still life photography with texture

Floral still life photography with textures

Floral still life photography with textures

If you are like me and have been pondering using textures I’d highly recommend giving these a try, there are so many to choose from and the bundle is fantastic value. Just be prepared to spend lots of time re-editing images afterwards, I’ve got a feeling that working with textures could become a little addictive!





  • Mandy Reply

    Wow! Those textural additions to your images look great! I’ve heard about using textures but never tried them myself. Maybe I’ll have to give them a chance?! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      Thank you!
      I’ve tried a few times before with less success I must admit! But I’m loving using them at the moment and would definitely recommend having a go, you’ve nothing to lose!!

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