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Three Things – June

At the end of each month I’m going to share three things that I’ve enjoyed or been inspired by that month, some will be photography related but many won’t. Why three ? Well I thought I’d randomly picked three as a number that wasn’t too many to be boring for a reader or difficult for […]

5 Ideas For Photo Projects – A Free Guide

I’m really excited to be sharing my mini guide to my five favourite ideas for photography projects along with some tips to help you choose which one is best for you. There will be more to come in the blog about photography projects in the future but I think its a great idea to have […]

Flowers for a Friday.

I’ve been playing around with still life images in my living room today, it was really a bit too hot in there for it but there were reasons it had to be done today! There will be more about this on a future post but just for now I thought I’d share some flowers & say […]

A Recent Discovery or Two

If you’ve been looking through the blog you’ve probably realised that I love to use my phone to capture images when I’m out & about. One of my favourite apps is Hipstamatic although I must admit I tend to use it in fits & starts, sometimes I get a little frustrated at waiting for the […]

Food Portraits – Past Their Best

I’ve recently developed a bit of a passion for food photography, I say recently but if I’m honest its more that I’ve started to actually do it myself recently whereas previously I’ve just been admiring and drooling over other people’s food images rather than creating my own. After a few recent shoots for clients I […]

Afternoon Light – Celebrating the Ordinary

There’s a new love in my life, a whole new world has opened up to me !! I’ve just treated myself to the Lensbaby Mobile and now I can combine two loves, the creativity of the Lensbaby and the convenience of the iPhone. The LBM10 only arrived yesterday and I’m already infatuated with it, it […]


I’m continuing with my celebration of the ordinary and the everyday with a few more flower images, I’d bought a spray of gypsophilia to sit a glass bottle I have on a windowsill and couldn’t help thinking that their simplicity would make them perfect for my little challenge. Here are a few of my favourites […]


Continuing with my mission to photograph the ordinary & everyday, I found myself in Morecambe this week and was drawn to the light over the sea and the empty nothingness. Its an unusual bit of coast in that its the sea but it’s not open sea and it has a slightly surreal calmness about it, […]

In Celebration Of The Ordinary

I’m sure I’m not in alone in this but when I first became interested in photography I used to photograph everything I set eyes on, and I mean everything, no matter how boring or mundane that thing was. I even used to think that quite a lot of those pictures were OK, and I suppose […]

Something different

I’m very much a natural light photographer, partly because I just love to be outdoors as much as possible and partly because I prefer the more natural look. However I also think its great to try new things & learn new skills so at the weekend I went on a lighting course. Not only did […]

Blackpool through a Lensbaby

My last post was about my week in places beginning with B and I shared some of my phone pictures from the week. It’s been such a busy time since that it’s only today that I copied the pictures off my main camera – I say main camera because I was actually using three different […]

In places beginning with B

I got a surprise last weekend when I did my usual checking of the diary to see where I needed to be, my week ahead was busy with photography related happenings but I was only going to spend the week in places beginning with B. Buxton, Blackpool, three days in Birmingham and inbetween at home, […]