What Does Making Mean To Me

What Does “Making” Mean To Me?

In my last post I mentioned that I’d stumbled across a couple of bloggers who were sharing inspiring creative challenges on their blogs. Finding blogs that are creatively inspiring seems to have been a bit of theme this last week or so, it feel as if I’m somehow being guided in an as yet unknown […]

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The Year In Books

If you’ve been following the blog for a while you’ve probably realised that I’m a big fan of creative challenges or projects. In the last few days I’ve stumbled across two bloggers with really inspiring projects that I’ve felt compelled to join in with. The first is The Year In Books, a project started by Laura […]

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52 Weeks, Spring Flowers

This morning I woke up to a covering of snow with big flakes falling fast. It came as a bit of a surprise, I’m sure the forecast was for a few light showers that would quickly turn to sleet but it seemed appropriate to cut some snowdrops from the garden to photograph for this week’s 52 […]

Perfectly Imperfect Weather

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m often drawn to imperfection, rusty spoons, tired looking flowers, chipped old plates, roses with damaged petals, out of date fruit. There’s a certain sort of beauty that’s hard to explain in these things that are no longer perfect. My love of imperfection also extends to the […]

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52 Weeks, Flowers and Fog

Last week I completely forgot to share my 52 Weeks Of Quiet image, I took it but it never got as far as the blog! That’s what happens when time flies by and you lose track of what day it is. That’s the thing about working for yourself, it’s hard to keep track of the […]

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52 Weeks + Past Their Best

I was rather pleased with myself this week, I managed to combine two photography projects into one image! If you’ve come across my Past Their Best project already you will know that I’m always on the look out for reduced food for my project. This week they had some lovely looking figs tucked away on […]

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52 Weeks, Tulips

Am I alone in thinking that tulips are seriously underrated? I don’t know why but they aren’t the first flower that springs to mind when I think of something I might choose for a vase in the living room, and yet I really do like them. Especially when they come in purple to match the […]

52 Weeks Of Quiet - week 3

52 Weeks, The Silence of Snow

Sunday morning started with just the perfect amount of snow. Enough to give a good covering, to cling to the trees and cover the branches. Enough even for the children to build snowmen, just. But not enough that the roads stayed covered and the pavements hard to walk on. There’s a certain special sort of […]

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52 Weeks, Sunshine & Petals

A few weeks before Christmas I shared a blog post about hydrangeas and how they seem to be so popular at the moment, that may just be my impression but I really seem to be seeing photos using them in one way or another all the time at the moment. I’ve been drying some blooms […]

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It somehow seems a little ironic that I’m late to share a post regarding this months photo challenge which is aptly titled “Beginnings”! Over in the Facebook community that runs alongside Beyond Snapshots I set a monthly photo theme for anyone that feels like a challenge. This month it seemed appropriate to have a theme […]


Monotone Monday – Equine Photography

If you’ve only started to follow my work since I officially launched Definitely Dreaming then this week’s Monotone Monday image might come as a bit of a surprise. I don’t think I’ve shared, or even mentioned, my equine lifestyle photography before now although if you follow my portrait site you will know that it’s one […]

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52 Weeks Of Quiet

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I was sitting on an idea for a year long personal photography challenge. I wasn’t quite ready to share at that point, I wanted to let the idea rest a little and see if it carried on feeling comfortable yet exciting and challenging. Three days of thinking […]