The Question I’m Asked Most….

It’s time I made a confession…… I’m not very interested in cameras. Or lenses. Or flashes and other lighting gear. Actually I tell I a little lie, I am interested in certain lenses. I love my Lensbaby and all its different optics and you’ve probably noticed how much I’ve been raving over my lovely vintage lens. […]

Floral still life photography with textures

Playing With Textures

Isn’t it strange how things seem to appear at just the right time? I’ve been feeling drawn to experiment with textures more and more recently. I have a few already but I’ve never done much with them and when I have I’ve not been overjoyed with the results. Yesterday an email from 2 Lil’ Owls landed […]

Why It’s Good To Be Pointless, Sometimes!

  “Learning through play”. It’s a phrase that we hear all the time when talking about children and as adults we know how well play works as a learning mechanism. So why do we stop? When do we go through some form of transition that stops us playing, that makes everything we do need a […]

Still life photography, online courses and inspiration

52 Weeks Of Quiet, Catching Up!

Well we are halfway through the year already! Not quite sure how that happened to be honest but I’m rather impressed with myself at keeping going with my 52 Weeks Of Quiet project. I’m pretty sure I’ve missed the odd week, and probably shared more than one some weeks, but I’m still going strong. Still […]

still life photography, vintage camera and books

Those Vintage Books In Use

If you’ve been reading the blog recently you’ll know I’ve been on a what seemed like an impossible mission to find some lovely old books. Well as you may know I finally found them and here they are in action! I’ve been very quiet this last couple of weeks both on the blog and on […]

still life photography

When Dreams Come True

Have you ever taken steps to make a dream come true? Part way through this morning I remembered a dream I’d had last night – isn’t it strange how the mind works and dreams suddenly just pop into your head for no obvious reason? If you follow the blog you will know that I’ve been […]

Still life photography, sheet music & flowers

Finding Mozart

I’m currently on a mission to find some beautiful old books to use in my still life and product photography. You really wouldn’t imagine it would be difficult but so far it’s proving impossible! I’m looking for books that have a lovely aged look about them and fairly plain covers. So far I’ve found some that […]


On Milestones & Dreams

Over the weekend I reached a rather exciting milestone, 300 people signed up to Beyond Snapshots my free online photography course! 300! Back in October when I started it I really wondered if anyone would actually be interested. If you follow any of these online “business gurus” or see the constant adverts on Facebook you’re […]

Photographing Feelings

I’m very fortunate to be a frequent visitor to the south of Scotland and when I’m there I love to go walking around a local pine forest. It’s so very different from the forests near home with trees and undergrowth so dense that its pitch black within a couple of feet of the footpaths. Not that you […]

52 Weeks Of Quiet ~ Still Going Strong!

It’s almost the middle of April and I’m quietly pleased with myself. I set myself a project a the beginning of the year to take one photo a week with a sense of calm- hence the title “52 Weeks of Quiet”. I’m generally not that great at keeping up with projects like this but I […]