On Milestones & Dreams


Over the weekend I reached a rather exciting milestone, 300 people signed up to Beyond Snapshots my free online photography course! 300! Back in October when I started it I really wondered if anyone would actually be interested. If you follow any of these online “business gurus” or see the constant adverts on Facebook you’re probably used to all those claims of building an email list of 1000 people overnight or 10,000 sign ups in a month or whatever the latest claim may be. In comparison my 300 don’t seem like much I suppose but I’m happy to have 300 people genuine interested in my photography course and I’m grateful for every single one of them – so if that’s you, Thank You!!

Reaching a milestone seemed like a great time to share some of my current plans and future dreams. At the moment I’m busy working away on an online Product Photography course, I’m really excited about it but it feels like progress is a little slow at the moment! It’s going to be a great course for anyone who is making or designing products or has some sort of creative business and needs to improve their photography skills, the course outline is all written and the lesson writing is well underway. If this might appeal to you feel free to email me on regular basis and ask where I’m up to, I’m sure I’ll be quicker if I know someone is waiting!!

The beginners online photography course, Beyond Auto, will be launching again in the next few weeks. There will be a few minor changes as I’ll be adding new software to the website but these will mostly be changes as to how the content is accessed. It’ll launch in the new format with a great opening offer so keep your eyes open for that!

Plans for an online food photography course are still in the pipeline and I’m also pondering on a short online course in Black & White Photography.

Lensbaby Seeinanewway

So those are the plans, but what about the dreams! The dreams are always the most exciting parts aren’t they? Way back in October I began to dream of creating a space to inspire, inform, connect and support people who love photography no matter what level they are at or what type of photography they enjoy.  At the time it seemed like it was a dream too far, but what’s the point in dreams if we don’t make them happen! My dream now has a name, Afternoon Light, it will be a supportive space with lessons, challenges, prompts and collaborations and it will be here by autumn.

I’d love your help with developing Afternoon Light, I’ve lots of ideas and plans already sketched out in my lovely notebook but I’d love to know what YOU would want from me. What do you want to learn more about? What sort of photography do you enjoy and want to develop more? How would you like to be supported and challenged photographically? I would really love to hear from you no matter how small or large your ideas may be, I’d be so happy if you could drop me an email at janet@definitelydreaming.com (you may want to copy & paste that, definitely is sooo easy to misspell!!). Just use Afternoon Light as your title and send me any thoughts or suggestions you have.

Thank you x



  • Jacqueline Whitaker Reply

    Hi Janet,

    Really like your raspberry photograph above, I am looking for a food photographer for a client of mine who runs an Indian Restaurant. I said that I would get some quotes from suitable photographers, if you are interested, please do let me know and I could give you more details.

    Kind regards,

    Jacqueline Whitaker

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      Thanks Jacqueline! Email on its way to you.

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