Isle Of Arran ~ Empty Beaches, Calm Waters, Bus Stops & More

It’s been a little quiet here on the blog but I’ve got a good excuse, honest!

I’ve been away on holiday, and as always with holidays when you are self employed I was busy doing all those things that needed to be done before I went away and had no time to blog.

But now I’m back and busy catching up and I decided that blogging some of my holiday pictures would gave me a great reason to get some edited and stop them lying ignored on my hard drive. I have to point out that I’m not really inspired to photograph landscapes in the traditional sense, I’m more drawn to the smaller details within the landscape or to open, empty spaces.

Sandwiched in between two long weekends in southern Scotland we had a five day stay on the beautiful Isle of Arran. It’s not somewhere we’ve been before and the landscape was just amazing. We also had a 40 year old Shetland pony called Toffee for a neighbour!

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And just look at that view from the front of the house!

But aarrrggghhh those telegraph lines and poles! How annoying, I’m torn between faffing around in Photoshop to get rid of them or just accepting that they are there in real life and leaving them.


I’m not normally one for shooting sunsets but on the one evening that the mist didn’t come it was hard to resist the setting sun just along the lane.



Other highlights included beautiful empty beaches (just the way I like them), swans in the sea, lots of other seabirds, very tranquil waters and a rather quirky bus stop.







And I was really excited to see a seal, he’s tiny and distant on the rocks but my eagle eyed hubby spotted him and we watched for ages. I was so pleased to have a 70-300 lens with me so that it was more than just a speck on a rock. Admittedly it’s not that much bigger than a speck but you can at least just about see him.


But then just a couple of hours later and a few miles along the road we came across this one happily sunning himself and totally unconcerned about me and my camera. I’ve never seen a seal so close before and took a ridiculous number of very similar images. Just in case!


Of course I took the Helios vintage lens with me. I’ve discovered that its not ideal for landscapes but I enjoyed using it in the castle and on some boats. And I don’t mind that the jetty is a little softer than I’d normally expect, it just adds to that feeling of tranquillity.

2016-09-16_0001 2016-09-16_0004 DSC08264

But it wasn’t all sunsets and calm waters, the day before we left brought moody and threatening skies that transformed that tranquil blue sea to something much darker and rather ominous.

Which should have served as a warning for the problems we were going to have trying to leave the island, cancelled and diverted ferries left us with an extra 100 miles to drive in driving winds and torrential rain. But it was worth it to visit this scenic island with such a varied landscape in such a small area.


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