In Search Of The Missing

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Do you ever get that the feeling that there’s something missing? But you can’t quite work out what that something might be, it’s just a vague nagging feeling?

It might be surprising to know that I often have that feeling in relation to my photography. I find it hard to properly explain, when I try I usually get remarks about how there’s nothing wrong with my photography.

I know there’s nothing wrong. But sometimes I feel like there’s something I’ve yet to discover.

For years I got the same feeling around my job, like there was something else that I was supposed to be doing but I didn’t know what. Turns out it was having my own creative business but I used to be an accountant so I never would have guessed that one!

The feeling returned, but related to photography, a couple of years into having my own business. And I realised that I’d reached a stage where I only used my camera if someone was paying or if it had a benefit to my business in some way. Pretty sure that’s a great way to kill creativity if it goes on for too long! So I made an effort to take more pictures for no reason other than the pleasure of creating.

The feeling went away for a while. But then it came back and I looked at some pictures from my early days of photography and realised that I’d stopped photographing “things”, you know just the ordinary everyday things that surround us. So I started exploring still life photography and discovered a genre that I love, that allows me to play and experiment and create purely for pleasure. And the feeling went away. Or at least it did for quite some time.

But it’s been back for a while. Not constantly, just now and again. Like a quietly whispering voice that’s telling me there’s something else. Something not yet discovered that’s needs to be done.

This week I start on a six month email course “The Vision Collective” and I don’t really have a clue what to expect from it. But I’m hoping to use it to really stretch my comfort zone and challenge myself.

Maybe I’ll share what I’m doing on the blog and in other places, I’m not quite decided yet. But if you start to see something different creeping in you’ll know why.

Maybe I’ll discover what’s missing…





  • Dace Reply

    Love your post! Exactly how I feel and think sometimes …. a lot of times… I’m getting amateur dslr camera for Xmas and will see where it brings me. Love your photos!

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      Thank you! It’s reassuring to know that others feel the same. Enjoy your camera, expect to be disappointed in the beginning but don’t let it put you off, keep on shooting and you’ll push through the disappointment,

  • Reza Reply

    First of all, the picture is pretty great!
    Yes, I know. We all had the same feeling sometimes.

    You know, I was reading “about” section on your Etsy shop, and it was kind of inspiring to me. And now here again.
    Starting with a compact camera in 2008. Being accountant! Running your own business on 2012. Shooting portraiture and then Still life and taking photos for pleasure. And I didn’t forget about workshops and courses.

    It’s a good thing though, that moves us forward. Maybe we couldn’t reach it soon, but the fact that we started doing something about it, that’s what matters. There’s a poem in Farsi which says:
    به راه بادیه رفتن به از نشستن باطل / که گر مراد نیابم به قدر وسع بکوشم
    It means: Going toward a desert, is better than sitting somewhere without any purpose, maybe I don’t find my missing thing, but I’m happy I tried to find it as much as I’m able. (Actually the poet missing thing is Love! 🙂 )

    I really hope you discover it soon dear Janet. (Again, sorry for my long long comment! You know me by now, don’t you?!)

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      Thank you Reza, I really do appreciate your thoughtful comments!

      I think the feeling stems from the fact that through all this transition I feel like I’ve found myself creatively, I’ve reached a standard I’m happy with in whatever genre it may be. And then once I’ve “arrived” I feel like I need to go somewhere else but I don’t know where!

      Thanks for sharing that poem, those words are lovely and I am very happy while trying to find my missing thing and very grateful that I’m able to have the chance to look for it .

      Have a good weekend!

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