First Attempts At “Mobile Artistry”

After my last post about my excitement in discovering the Adventures in Mobile Artistry course I thought it only fair that I shared an update. I’ve almost watched all of the course videos and I’m feeling just as inspired as I was at the beginning, although I will admit that I’ve not retained a lot of the information so I will be going back to watch again! To be quite honest I think I’ll do a lot of rewatching just to keep the inspiration flowing.

Before I got the chance to head out and take some new images I decided I would revisit some older phone images and create something new. On a look through my camera roll two images jumped out at me. The first was one that I sort of liked but was never quite happy with, it was blurry but not quite in a way that worked:


So I decided to embrace the blur and re-edit with more blur and a mysterious feel and I have to say that I’m really pleased with this version!

mobile phone photography & ipad edit

The second that jumped out for a re-edit is the main one of the collection below. When I took the picture I was intrigued by all the straight lines and shades of grey, its very stark but there’s always been something about it that I found really appealing.


I decided to experiment with it as a base for a collage of images and to look at the contrasts between natural and man made elements.

I’m the first to admit that my layering needs some work, editing on an iPad is not like editing on a computer! But this is very different to anything I’ve created before and I’m pretty pleased with it for a first attempt.


So do I still recommend the course?

Yes, definitely!!

Like a lot a of people I’m great at jumping into something and being full of enthusiasm, only for that excitement to fizzle out once the novelty has worn off – at least I hope that’s like a lot of people! But I’m just as thrilled about this course now as I was at the beginning. It’s sparked an idea for a body of work that I’m really excited about, it’s re-ignited my love of shooting with my phone and it’s got me noticing all the little things again.

I’ll be sharing the new body of work as it develops over on Instagram, if we aren’t already connected on there just search for Definitely_Dreaming or click here.



  • marsha leith Reply

    I love your edit of the blurry train. I too am enrolled in Nicki’s class!! Great job on the collage too…I have a really hard time with this type of process.

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      Hi Marsha! Thanks for your kind words, hope you are enjoying the course too?

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