Finding Mozart

I’m currently on a mission to find some beautiful old books to use in my still life and product photography. You really wouldn’t imagine it would be difficult but so far it’s proving impossible! I’m looking for books that have a lovely aged look about them and fairly plain covers.

So far I’ve found some that would have been perfect but they were collectors books and way too expensive for a little bit of still life photography. And I worried that I would be depriving them of their rightful home, with someone that would love and appreciate them, that it would be just plain wrong to buy them to put in a drawer and never read when someone else could really treasure them.

And then I’ve found others that looked perfect, spotted through a charity shop window and priced at less than £1. Unfortunately I could smell them well before I reached them, no way were they coming home with me!

If I’m honest I don’t particularly enjoy shopping, especially the sort of shopping where you need to rummage around to find anything so hunting in charity shops really isn’t my thing. BUT just now and again there’s something to be found that makes it worthwhile, like this beautiful old sheet music….

Still life photography, sheet music & flowers

Still life photography, sheet music & flowers

Still life photography, sheet music & flowers

Still life photography, sheet music & flowers

It’s slightly tatty, torn in places, held together with old peeling tape. It’s yellowed with age and there are pen marks in the margins. But it’s oh so beautiful and full of history, its obviously been well loved and well used before it was abandoned in the 50p box at the back of the charity shop. I wish it could tell it’s story….

Unexpected finds like this not only make my never ending search for the perfect old books worthwhile but they also inspire my still life photography, I can’t wait to use it more.

And yes, it really was just 50p!

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