When Dreams Come True

still life photography

Have you ever taken steps to make a dream come true?

Part way through this morning I remembered a dream I’d had last night – isn’t it strange how the mind works and dreams suddenly just pop into your head for no obvious reason?

If you follow the blog you will know that I’ve been on a mission to find some lovely old books that I can use as props in my still life photography and it’s been provingĀ more of a challenge than I’d expected. Well last night I had a dream that was very odd and confused (I will confess to eating cheese before bedtime) but the only part I remembered was that I’d managed to find some lovely old books that were neither expensive nor smelly.

So when the dream came back to me I decided to head off to my favourite antique centre and have a mooch around…..

And I finally found some books that fitted the bill!

And I bought a poison bottle.

And IĀ felt a little disturbed by the dolls head lying next to its own body in a basket but couldn’t resist a phone picture.

I’ve no doubt the books will be making an appearance soon and the poison bottle too although I’m not quite sure how I’ll use that yet.

Whilst I know that buying the books was a part of my dream I can’t help but wonder whether headless dolls and poison might have been in there somewhere too!!



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