Definitely Dreaming was originally born out of a need to have a place to share my personal photography. It started at a time when I felt I’d photographically lost something, my business was going well but in amongst all that work that goes into launching and sustaining a photography business I’d somehow stopped shooting for pleasure. I’d closed my eyes to the beauty of the ordinary things around us and become totally focused on my business. In the beginning this blog existed to give me motivation to re-discover myself as a creative photographer. As time went it on it evolved – so what is it now? Definitely Dreaming is a place to find…..

Online Photography Courses

Do you love taking pictures but always feel a little disappointed with the results? Got a great camera but confused by the settings so just using Auto? Check out the courses page, I can help! And whether you’re using a phone or a DSLR make sure you sign up to my FREE MINI COURSE.

Words & Pictures for Everyone

Grab a coffee, or tea if you must, take a break and have a browse through the Journal. You’ll find it full of things that inspired me, things to inspire you, helpful tips, random musings about life, business and photography. And of course lots of pictures!

Branding & Storytelling Photography for Business Owners

Are you a small business owner too? Are you following your dreams, indulging a passion, and creating something special? Lets tell your story in pictures and make you stand out from the crowd.

Blog & Copy Writing For Photographers

 Is blogging that one thing that you never seem to get around to? Or maybe your mind goes blank at the thought of writing an About Page? I can help with one off blog posts, a monthly service, a full website rewrite or maybe a planning & brainstorming session so you are ready to get stuck into blogging yourself.